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As of January 1st, 2018 AmpLIFEied will become a paid service.

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If you want your practice to be on people’s mind, you must keep it in their face.

If you want results for your practice using social media the name of the game is consistency. You must keep your face, name and non-sales oriented messages in front of people daily. Yup, daily.

Like it or not, here’s the truth...

A recent study showed up to 90% of young people, 61% of all mobile users, use their mobile devices first thing when they wake up every morning. Most immediately check Facebook and other channels to see what’s up. It’s how they (ok, we) start the day.

That’s your perfect opportunity!

I believe your practice’s daily inspirational message should be what people ‘see first’ when waking up and checking Facebook each and every day. Yup, your practice, your brand and your daily inspirational post should be what thousands of people in your community wake up to, to start their best day ever.

You earn the right to share what you want, by first giving people what they want.

People wake up and look to Facebook for a treat. We’re looking for something to make us feel good. You may not believe it, but why else would we do it?

AmpLIFEied + YOU is the Perfect Partnership.

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AmpLIFEied is the Easiest, Most Time-Efficient and Most Beautiful Way to Stay in Front of Your Patients and Community Each and Every Day.

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