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Want to convert more of your online audience into active patients? 

Are You Posting Great Content Each Day on Social?

We know it can be tough to find inspiration. That’s why we built AmpLIFEied — to take the pain out of social media marketing.

Do more on your social channels in less time.

Let our teams of experts save you time by consistently scheduling posts across your social networks for you.

“I enjoy the high-quality photos, content, ability to choose my post stream, and hands-off posting. The feedback in my practice is great!

– Dr. Linnea P.

I have been using Amplified for years. Patients and friends repost.

– Dr. Gerald M.

“AmpLIFEied combines the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic with strong, positive messages and graphics.

– Dr. Christine P.

We use AmpLIFEied to reach our patients and community. It’s full of info related to health, wellness, and chiropractic.

– Dr. Bruce S.

Grow your social following the right way.

Quality chiropractic content that captivates your audience and reaches more people.

AmpLIFEied helps to get our message out to many who would otherwise not learn of the impact chiropractic can have.

– Dr. Christine P.

My patients and the staff love it, and I look forward to the daily motivation it provides.  Great work – keep it up!

– Dr. Steven S.

Our patients really love to be educated about their bodies, and I feel a tremendous responsibility to teach our community.

– Dr. Kristin B.

I love using Amplified!  I can share the Wonderful World of Chiropractic with my community, friends, and family.

– Dr. Latisha B.

Get the Most Out of Your Google Business, Instagram, and Facebook with AmpLIFEied.

AmpLIFEied connects directly with the top social channels and publishes incredibly powerful content campaigns for you every day — saving you and your team time and money.

What’s Included in AmpLIFEied?

Once Weekly Curated Posting to Your Practice’s Google Business Profile
Once Daily Curated Posting to Your Practice’s Primary Instagram Page
Once Daily Curated Posting to Your Practice’s Primary Facebook Profile
Posts Designed to Help Create More Social Engagement
Posts Designed to Help Attract More Quality New Patients
Posts Designed to Drive More Calls and Clicks Through Google

NEW! Choose the Curated Content Stream that Best Fits Your Voice and Practice.

Whether you’re looking for chiropractic content or wellness content to compliment your posting, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even partnered with The Smart Chiropractor and now offer a stream exclusively featuring their Research That Matters content.

Stream 1:

Chiropractic Only

Stream 2:

Chiropractic + Wellness

Stream 3:

The Smart Chiropractor

How Will You Grow with AmpLIFEied?

Our Google Business posting specifically helps drive an average of 50 calls/month for our members!

Monthly Membership


Automated Social Media Posting

You Choose Your Curated Content Stream

You Get Daily Posts to Facebook and Instagram

You Get Weekly Posts to Google Business

Trusted by over 15,000 chiropractors worldwide.

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